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Our best-selling Victoria Peony Wrap dress just got a whole lot more popular!

Our breezy wrap dress that creates an effortless yet chic look was just featured in Vogue Magazine’s British issue. This maxi wrap dress is a light-weight fabric that ties to subtly accentuate the waist while still looking comfortable. It provides maximum comfort and is flattering on all body types. The soft orange color and white floral print is eye catching and beautiful on all skin tones.

Vogue also highlighted our strong sense of community noting how our brand is meant to encourage individuality and natural beauty. Founded in an island paradise, we use the most sustainable options available to help improve the cleanliness of our planet. 

Keep an eye out for our upcoming features in British Vogue! 


marina and Company ignites an inner yearning to explore lands unknown. Starting from our home land of Oahu, we delve deep into the history and culture of past lives and past fashions. Inspired by the 1930’s, the beauty of Hawaii’s natural flora, and the independent modern woman of the current era, Marina & Co. sticks to its roots in simplicity and comfort

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