Our aim is to bring timeless essentials to another level by reducing our environmental impact, taking inspiration from honesty and imperfection, and creating awareness about sustainable practices.



Minimalism with an edge. We’re changing the way you think of slow fashion. Marina&Co. brings strong fashion sense to simple fabrics made the old - traditional fashioned way. We do our best to leave out pesticides and strong dye chemicals (Azo Dye) and instead focus on what matters most- making you look and feel great. There is no one person that can dictate what fashion is. We go by our own rules and build upon trends to last a lifetime. We take our time and create art from natural beauty. We offer a tightly curated collection of timeless essentials and limited edition capsule collections. As we continue to evolve, we bring our ideals with us and always look for ways to be more sustainable as well as more fashionable than ever.  We  have realized that caring for the environment and becoming more sustainable as we continue to grow are our top priorities and concerns. Moving forward, we are dedicated to reducing our impact in all aspects of our business as well as finding new ways to make our clothing more sustainable.




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The restrictions on social interaction have impacted us in many ways. We've been doing a lot of thinking about ways in which we can be better human beings and better to our planet. As we've been working hard to continue to make our brand more sustainable and eco-friendly than ever, we wanted to share with you that we've also recently partnered with One Percent for the Plant. We will be giving 1% of our sales revenue to this organization in an effort to help make our planet a better place for everyone. We hope that you'll continue to support our mission as we do our best to improve our environment and reduce our carbon footprint.

We welcome you to learn more about our procedures and what we do to maintain a high standard of sustainability and protection for the environment.